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Mindful Physio is an approach that empowers you to be mindful of how your body works & what it needs for optimal wellness. Our goal is to move you to the heart of it by bringing your awareness to the alignment of your body and the factors that contribute to it being out of alignment. Education is a key factor to the Mindful Physio approach, ensuring you understand the issue affecting your body and how to restore it to normal balance.

Mindful Physio focuses on the core alignment & the energetic balance of the body. When either of these is not normal the body presents with aches & pain, stiffness and limited movement. When symptoms pursue a cycle of stress further affects the body and other aspects of one's wellness. Knowledge is power. When you are mindful of what is going on in your body & what it needs for its well-being you can experience wellness.

A Physiotherapy Assessment will determine what your body needs to support your aches & pains or injuries. Attention is given to a Posture Assessment and a treatment plan to correct muscle imbalances & improper body mechanics is provided. The ability of the muscles to support the body is determined through a Core Strength Assessment and appropriate exercises are taught- to improve awareness & strength of the core. Pilates or Yoga type exercises are used requiring minimal equipment. Mindful Physio’s approach also takes into consideration the effects of stress on the body. Treatments focus on understanding your body’s needs and how to support them through corrective exercises and balancing neurochemical systems in the body.

Keys Components to Mindful Physio’s Approach:

Focus on education and awareness. Explain and teach clients what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and how to get it done.
Assessment and treatment is geared toward body awareness&mechanically how the body is working and what needs to be changed to correct it. Correcting muscle imbalances, creating balance and stability, promoting normal function or movement, again always with the educational component - people need to be able to feel and understand these things in order to correct them.
3 Facilitate the body to heal the body.
4 Understanding of how stress effects the body physically.

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