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Do you have aches or pain?
Do you have stiff or tightness in your muscles or joints?
Do you suffer from headaches?
Does your body feel tense or sore?

Mindful Physio can help you.

Your process starts with a Physiotherapy Assessment: A thorough assessment tailored to meet your rehabilitation, health and wellness needs. Whether you are experiencing pain, limited movement or functional limitations, physiotherapy can help get you on the right path to wellness.

Two important parts of an Assessment:

  1. Posture Assessment: A posture assessment will identify muscle imbalances that can cause pain and movement dysfunction. This assessment will inform you about your muscle imbalances, causes for these imbalances and direction on how to correct them
  2. Core Strength & Awareness Assessment: A core muscle assessment is essential to all functional activities and exercise. Core muscles are where strength and stability for movement originates. Ensuring that you are using these muscles correctly and optimally is critical to fitness and physical function. This assessment will grade your current level and give you the foundations for improving your strength and awareness.
From an assessment we determine what type of treatment is best suited for your body.

Treatment options available include:
  1. Hands on: the use of the physiotherapist’s hands to release muscle and joint tightness, correct mechanics of the muscles and joints or provide pain relief.
  2. Electronic Trigger Point Stimulation: this treatment follows the principles of acupuncture and stimulates either acupuncture or trigger points using an electronic device. It is used for pain relief and to release muscle and joint tightness.
  3. Tennant Biomodulator microcurrent therapy.
  4. Corrective Exercises: the use of stretches & strengthening exercises to address core awareness & optimal body mechanics. Exercises focus on correcting pain or movement dysfunction, muscles imbalances and posture correction.
  5. Education: knowledge is power. Ensuring you understand clearly what is going on in your body and how you can change it, is essential to the Mindful Physio approach to physiotherapy.

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